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“Runaways” the ONIKAI Fashion Film.

“Runaways” the ONIKAI Look Book Fashion Film is finally online!

From the designer about Runaways: “In the film the main character is being chased by her dark self and she comes to realize in the end that this dream land that her mischievous side is existing in is really reality.  It is this idea that we can not really hide from those dark parts of our selves, and I really think this idea is translated into the collection.”    
“…you can call Runaways a look book, a fashion film, a story… what ever you want to call it.  The film does not highlight the collection as a whole, but some of my favorite key pieces that helped tell the story of Runaways and vice versa, it gives the emotion and idea behind the line.”  
“This is why I love fashion so much it can not be contained in a box, it can not be cornered or limited to one idea… it is what ever us designers want it to be.”


Couldn’t make it to the ONIKAI fashion week event?  *sad panda*  But guess what?! You have one more chance to see the ONIKAI fashion film live!

ONIKAI is showcasing their fashion film & 2012 line at the RAW artist event in Hollywood on April 14th! Purchase your ticket online & save $5 off of the door price!


Make sure to select ONIKAI as the artist that you are supporting!

 A little info about RAW: RAW events are   multi-faceted artistic showcases. Each event features a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, photographers, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist. These artists are all local, hand-picked talent who have been chosen to feature at RAW.

 RAW educates, connects and exposes emerging artists in 22 artistic communities nationwide through monthly showcase events.

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Kanye does Run-waye.

Kanye West debuts his runway collection in Paris… and well… I am pleasantly surprised.  It’s not that I didn’t think Kanye could actually conceptualize a good collection, but more so that it wouldn’t be cohesive.  The collective in total in very cohesive, has good texture, fits into trend and has some unexpected elements such as whip like belts and matching belted up boots.  I do however feel as if I have seen this collection before, the sort of ode to a female modern day warrior… while it is imaginative and strong I would say that it is not original, and a lot of the pieces look like they could fit right into Kim Kardashian’s closet or perhaps on sale at Barney’s. (seeing as most people don’t have the desire or funds to spend 3k on a fur top nowa days lol) In total I’d say… I’m interested to see what he dreams up for NEXT season.

To see more looks…

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MTV UK covers the ONIKAI Fashion Show & Look Book FILM Premiere!

MTV UK visited ONIKAI during fashion week and discussed the designers inspiration and experiences shooting a look book film.  Check it out!