Oh ed.

Ed Westwick & Jessica SzohrI guess those Drew Barrymore after party kisses were just for fun.  Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are supposedly smooching off-screen.   The two were seen in the Dallas airport yesterday sucking some major face.  This is starting to feel like a certain New York Times article all over again.  Can I get some classy elevator music over here or WHAT?!?  I think they look cute together, but like the rest of you I can’t wait for them to break each others hearts.

Holy Funeral Batman!


Chuck Bass at a funeral.
Chuck Bass at a funeral.




For all of you Gossip Girl fans… aka the world, you were left jolted in your wet seats as Episode 12 last week left our jaws dropped for more juicy action when we found out in the last 10 seconds of the episode that Bart Bass had gotten into a car accident.  This of course happened RIGHT after Lily told Rufis she was leaving Bart… DUH we all saw this coming from 5 billion miles away.  This week they are at a funeral…. BARTS>? I smell a scandal! Fat-free popcorn and fashion induced insults at my house for free… see ya a la Monday.

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