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“Runaways” the ONIKAI Fashion Film.

“Runaways” the ONIKAI Look Book Fashion Film is finally online!

From the designer about Runaways: “In the film the main character is being chased by her dark self and she comes to realize in the end that this dream land that her mischievous side is existing in is really reality.  It is this idea that we can not really hide from those dark parts of our selves, and I really think this idea is translated into the collection.”    
“…you can call Runaways a look book, a fashion film, a story… what ever you want to call it.  The film does not highlight the collection as a whole, but some of my favorite key pieces that helped tell the story of Runaways and vice versa, it gives the emotion and idea behind the line.”  
“This is why I love fashion so much it can not be contained in a box, it can not be cornered or limited to one idea… it is what ever us designers want it to be.”

Runway shots from ONIKAI SS LAFW 2012!

Some of my favorite runway shots from the ONIKAI FWLA SS 2012 show! (and some elevator fun) Enjoy!

Photos in this blog post provided by: Christopher Hernandez,, HMSoundSystem, & Jess Rao.

ONIKAI 2012 fashion week photo diary…

My fortune, day post show. fitting.
Amazing shot. Model: Alex Ferguson.
Lack of sleep. Errands. Fittings.
Hand Stitched.
rolling rack in the kitchen.
The runway. Look 1.
Behind the crowd.
Finalizing the runway music.
shopping buddy.
Red carpet. Models: Min-Joo & Olga. Center: myself.
Good luck roses. dried. eyelashes.
Sir. Elliott. After party. Representing MNA.
Congratulatory fashion week gift. LOVE.
so. close. to. my. face.... models behind me.
red carpet with my models ❤
A designer & her models in an elevator.
Post ONIKAI fashion wk event... fashion wk event (HA) Celebrating with my pr team VBPR. (VB herself & Jen)

A small look into my life over the past 2 weeks… the ONIKAI S/S Fashion Week event was a huge success! Runway shots and more press coming soon…   xoxo ONIKAI*