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ONIKAI is now in THE CUBE!

ONIKAI’s new cut n’ sew line is now at THE CUBE in downtown Los Angeles!  THE CUBE is a “cute little Japanese boutique that’s so brand spanking new you might not even be able to find it in the phone book yet!” …but it is well worth the visit and a secret shopping spot for known fashion lovers.  Lot’s of high end denim, items from up-and-coming designers, amazing hats and fedora’s and random Japanese knick-knacks. To read more about The Cube: The Cube


ONIKAI’s new cut n’ sew line is now at SIXHUNDRED in downtown Los Angeles!  SIXHUNDRED is a high end, stylish but not uber trendy boutique in the heart of LA, that thrives on supporting Los Angeles based designers, as well as cool handmade and one of a kind vintage garments.  The vibe of the store is chill, the staff is sweet, you will enjoy your shopping experience for sure!  You can now find the new ONIKAI jumpsuits, tops, hooded dress, and some screen tees at SIXHUNDRED 600 S Spring St.

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ONIKAI is now in The Funk Parlor.

ONIKAI was just picked up by a vintage and small designer boutique in Portland, OR called the Funk Parlor. They have AMAZING vintage leather, suede and novelty jackets. I bought one for $25 that looks like a vintage Ralph Lauren. Not gonna lie, it made me almost pee my pants a little.  If you are looking for an ONIKAI tee, they can now be found at the Funk Parlor.

1603 Northeast Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211