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MODEL CASTING!!! Sat. March 27th!


CASTING FOR 2 UPCOMING FASHION SHOWS ALSO CASTING FOR Spring 2011 Catalog Shoot for LA’s fastest growing brand ONI. ( What are we looking for?

*Woman of all heights, sizes 0-8. If you have a model card/resume please bring them with you.

*Men, 5’ 10” and above, model card only.

WHERE: B-52 Lounge, 801 S Hill Downtown LA.

WHEN: Sat. March 27th come by from 12-2pm

*Please wear jeans and a tank/fitted tee if you can.

SEE YOU THERE! Still have questions? email me at


This is why I should have a reality tv show…

Last night was AMAZING.  The fashion show was amazing, I got really good feedback from all corners, and two offers to partake in some LA fashion week going-ons. BUT what everyone doesn’t know is the madness that goes on behind the scenes.  Fashion shows within them selves are so much work for a 15 min. show. (hair, makeup, line-up, walk-through, music, model casting, lighting etc etc etc) To make a long story short, everything possible that could have gone wrong the day of the show went wrong, and on my way to the show someone rear ended me, my friend who was following me and two other cars as well.  Then I find out that my boyfriend locked his keys in the car and the key for my clothing rack was missing.  Some how, slightly injured and two hours late I made it to my show, clothing in hands and made it all happen last min! Everything worked out just how it was supposed to, and my boyfriend called a locksmith ha-ha

While my mac-and-cheese gets cold.

Usually I don’t talk much, on my “news blog” that is… in real life I talk A LOT.  I probably talk too much, but not as much as some.  I have been sitting here for almost 4 hours now, playing with stroke sizes, editing photos and retouching graphics for our upcoming web “relaunch”, or what I like to call project fancy. HA-HA. I was looking at what I had accomplished over the course of the day in all aspects, allowing my mac-and-cheese to get cold, accompanied by my peppermint tea that I had also neglected, patting Denny the dog on the head, and I suddenly felt a little overwhelmed.  ONI was officially launched as a brand in mid AUG 09; almost four months later I am finding that the brand is growing faster than I can keep up with, that I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep because my brain is so wrecked with ideas in an endless search for more creativity or tactic, and I don’t always have the exact solution.  Almost four months later I find it that some of my friends are more excited about new product launches than I am, that ONI has a small yet highly attractive (ha) following, and more importantly I have supporters who I know are genuine in there attempts.  There are some people who measure success by the terms in which it came to fruition.  I am not biased in my attempts to be motivated by other peoples success, but there is a certain amount of pride I feel for people who find themselves entrapped in any stage of their dreams and they struggled to do so.  There is a certain shine, a certain something about the struggle; I think it’s because if you can make it through the STRUGGLE (grrrr) then you know that what you are doing is that important and that it’s worth it, and it’s going to be THAT much better… a product of heart.  I do not lie, that’s where I am… the struggle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  A lot is coming.  A lot will get better.  ONI is growing and I am struggling to keep up (ha) but it will get there my friends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Keep a look out, and thank you once again for your support.Time to get back to work. xx Oni*