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“The September Issue”

Holy SH*T I’m going to pee my non pants right now!  We thought the Valentino movie was good! Wait till “The September Issue” comes out!?! I CAN NOT wait to see Anna Wintour bitch slapping people’s fashion all around NYC.  This is better than sex. 

GO BUY YUR TICKETS NOW! Releases: August 28th, 2009

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PINK is the new Gloss.


















Pink is the new GLOSS>  Now a days there are pink shades for every skin color, and its the perfect way to bring in the hot summer days with a Bang!  Cover girl Outlast lip stain lasts a really long time, and has bright vibrant shades for every skin! 

Backstage with Dior. Fall 09





















Dior Fall 2009 Preview.  We can not deny how lovely these litle gremlins were backstage. “Couture Ladies, keep a very elegant and aristocratic attitude. Stay up and Coutury. Be chic and distingue’e’. Make strong shapes for cameras.  Oh the life of a model.  Someone pass me a cigarette. Just kidding.

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