This time around everyone really brought their A game!  Good job, good job.  I mean to be honest I never really understand when they don’t get it right… they have people dressing them… hello!?  My favorite though was definitely Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Couture dress and backwards diamond necklace. Even if the dress caused her to fall… still worth it. xo


Christopher Kane I <3 you.

ChristopherKane ChristopherKane2 ChristopherKane3 ChristopherKane4 ChristopherKane5 ChristopherKane6 ChristopherKane7 ChristopherKane8 ChristopherKane9 ChristopherKane10 ChristopherKane11 ChristopherKane12 ChristopherKane13 ChristopherKane14


At first when I was scrolling through the 60+ looks of the Christopher Kane show I thought to myself  “whoa whoa whoa, who’s trying to be Michael Kors with all of the camo print. And whoa whoa whoa, that’s a lot of freaking camo print”.  I mean I know Marc Jacobs did it last season with stripes but not everyone can barf up stripes and get away with it right?  Then I scrolled down some more and the show slowly and progressively got better, and better and better.  Now I’m obsessed.  Seriously.  Did you see the sweatshirt with fake flowers all over it!?!  It’s crazy but you kind of want one right??  RIGHT!?  The Christopher Kane show was progressive, new, innovative and fresh.  I mean come on he found a way to make velvet look interesting. Good job CK.

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear.













Every girl needs a fur dress!  Seriously? The Fall 2013 Marc Jacobs Show has everything a gal wants, fur, sparkles, ready to wear liquid pajamas… WHAT?!  Amazing. Ok I’m exaggerating… a lot. But I genuinely was impressed by not only the simplicity of the MJ show but the thought behind it, the aftermath of it (I was dreaming of fur) and fabrics used in it.  The only thing that confused me was the pretty-much-naked topless model walking down the runway mid show.  I think it was supposed to add to the story of the show but it just looked like the model forgot her top. So confusing.

All in all though… hand clap MJ.

Michael Kors Fall 2013.

Michael Kors Michael Kors2 Michael Kors3 Michael Kors4 Michael Kors5 Michael Kors6 Michael Kors7 Michael Kors8 Michael Kors9 Michael Kors10

(click on images to view bigger) I’ve always been a fan of Michael Kors perfume, but I’ve never been that impressed by his runway.  I still think he’s an evil genius… but meh. This time around for Fall 2013 MK surprised me with a fresh and uber trendy collection where he transports you into his semi cyber, military world of fashion.  With pop colors of vibrant orange and true blue he creates a collage of prints with an overexposed camo and the traditional military digital camo that is huge in upcoming mass market trends right now.  The clean lines, new silhouettes and laser cut leather skirts are fresh and new. Good job Michael Kors.

Fall 2013 Diesel Black Gold.

diesel4 diesel6 diesel5 diesel3 diesel2 dieselWith the exception of a pair of really cool studded jeans (shown above- I’m a denim designer so maybe I’m bias) the Diesel NY show this season was wamp-wamp. If I was sitting front row this would be my commentary “oh look a pair of leather pants”, “oh look more black pants”, “oh look something white!”  The show lacked imagination and the extremity that I think we’ve all come to except from Diesel. Do over?