Kanye does Run-waye.

Kanye West debuts his runway collection in Paris… and well… I am pleasantly surprised.  It’s not that I didn’t think Kanye could actually conceptualize a good collection, but more so that it wouldn’t be cohesive.  The collective in total in very cohesive, has good texture, fits into trend and has some unexpected elements such as whip like belts and matching belted up boots.  I do however feel as if I have seen this collection before, the sort of ode to a female modern day warrior… while it is imaginative and strong I would say that it is not original, and a lot of the pieces look like they could fit right into Kim Kardashian’s closet or perhaps on sale at Barney’s. (seeing as most people don’t have the desire or funds to spend 3k on a fur top nowa days lol) In total I’d say… I’m interested to see what he dreams up for NEXT season.

To see more looks…



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