Leopard Print, it’s a problem.

When I was helping out at The Huffington Post Weddings section as a “fashion commentator” [ha] while they were live blogging about The Kardashian’s Wedding Special, I made special notice of how much leopard print everyone was wearing.  “It’s like they’ll get sick and die if they don’t wear leopard print.”  However, let’s be honest… this is like the pot calling the kettle black.  I have some how acquired a collection of leopard print dresses (formal and casual in different color combos), tights, stockings, earrings, sweaters, jumpsuits and rings. [what’s wrong with me lol] It didn’t dawn on me that I had a real problem until I looked through my Instagram photos and realized that for every 5 photos of myself I was wearing something leopard print in at least 1 of them. [insert addiction here]  However I’m going to embrace this addiction head on like a happy alcoholic, and next in my collection I’m adding shoes…

Senso "DELILAH" pony hair heel

SAM EDELMAN Ria Leopard Boots

One thought on “Leopard Print, it’s a problem.”

  1. Haha, leopard print is a good addiction to have, & I also love it in all of its incarnations (except when the print is very garish)!!! 🙂 Love all the booties you’ve featured in this post!! Great article,

    Stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

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