A father’s inspiration.

I know this is a fashion blog, and a behind the scenes of my clothing line, but I have very loyal readers so I hope you will appreciate a more personal [and rare] look inside my life as not just a designer but a person… 

I have a home video that someone sent me of my father, and in the last 10 seconds of the video he laughs… the sound of my father’s laugh makes me feel as close to him as I possibly can.  Sometimes I play that last ten seconds on repeat until I feel I’ve had my fill.  One year ago today my father passed away, it was probably the worst day, and the worst few months of my life, and it probably always will be.  But one thing that keeps my heart warm now that Feb. has rolled around once more is the knowledge that I was so lucky to have such an amazing person enter my life.  My father was a musician, and artist among other things, but first and foremost he was a dad.  He adopted me when I was just 6 years old, and taught me how to be a strong, honest, and independent woman.  It’s because of him that I am so determined, I love so deeply, I’m so stubborn in my convictions, and always strive to remain true to myself.  What a lucky daughter I am to be so inspired by my father and to have been for so long and not even realize it.  Hopefully I can inspire someone else just as much some day…

With all my heart. ONIKAI*

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