E.Kammeyer Accessories = joy.

As a designer I love not only surrounding myself with other creative’s but supporting my fellow creative’s as well.  My friend and fellow fashionista Emily Kammeyer is currently making engaged woman all over New York swoon over her hand made and not too mention gorgeous bridal headwear.  I sat down with the accessories designer to discuss all things E.Kammeyer Accessories.

1.)Tell me about your line E.Kammeyer Accessories, how did you get started? 

EK: When I was a kid growing up in Chicago my number one hobby was sewing. I would spend hours sewing and creating anything and everything from fabric scraps, old jewelry, and anything I could find and take apart in my parent’s house. This is where my passion was born. Four years ago I moved to New York and met one of my best friends, who shares my love for making beautiful things. She and I would spend hours in Central Park making jewelry and hair accessories while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.  Then, 2 years ago all of my friends started getting married and needed hair accessories and veils for their weddings. This is where the business began. Once I had a few clients, my brides were so happy with their hair pieces, that they shared my info with other friends getting married. I’ve always wanted to own my own business so when I realized I could make my passion into more than a hobby I got right to work on building my business.

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Check out: http://www.EKammeyer.com

2.)What inspires you?

EK: My collection definitely has a vintage, 1920s, art deco feel to it. I draw a lot of inspiration from my collection of vintage fashion books and clothing. I am a regular at The Met and MOMA as well as a number of small art museums and collections. I love and follow a number of blogs including: Creature Comforts for researching color stories, HonestlyWTF for all things trending and inspirational, and StreetFSN for street style shots. But the best inspiration of all is New York. There’s an endless supply of vintage markets, great little boutiques, amazing street style and stunning architecture.

3.)Who is your customer?

EK: The E.Kammeyer customer loves accessories.  She likes to find pieces that update her wardrobe with out having to break the bank.  She follows trends, but isn’t a slave to fashion that doesn’t work for her look.  She loves vintage, uniqueness, and finding pieces that make people stop and ask “where did you get that?”  

4.)Where do you see your line in 5 years?

EK: 2011 was a great year!  I started my ecommerce site http://www.EKammeyer.com, hosted trunk shows and participated in markets, and partnered with my first store in LA, White Magnolia Bridal shop, to carry my line. In 2012 I hope to broaden my collection to include belts and other accessories.  Continue to partner with more boutiques to carry my collection and expand my ecommerce site to include a blog.

In 5 years I see my collection expanding into more boutiques, and department stores.  I hope to grow and refine my brand into a collection that includes belts and small leather goods.  I also would love for my collection to turn into my full time job as it is what I am truly passionate about.

5.)How has this creative adventure changed you as a person?

EK: I get the opportunity to work with so many different fun materials every day, some of my favorites are leather, French netting, bleached peacock feathers and studs.  I love days when I am able to work with new materials, cover the floor with feather, leather and what ever else strikes my fancy remnants, while creating new and amazing pieces.  Once I have an idea for something, there’s really no stopping the creative process until I’ve turned the idea into a tangible object.  The most challenging aspect has been learning to be a good business woman.  I am constantly making mistakes and learning from them.  Starting your own business is incredibly rewarding and exhausting.   

6.)Describe yourself in 5 words.

EK: Creative, passionate, hardworking, curious, day-dreamer

7.)Any last words?

EK: As the New Year begins I find myself reflecting on the past.  I feel lucky to have found something that makes me so incredibly happy to do and has helped me grow in so many ways.  My advice to everyone is find what makes you happy and just do it.  No matter how big the hurdle, doing what makes you happy brings fulfillment every day.

Check out: http://www.EKammeyer.com

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