Ombré sauce.







I’m not one to catch on to trends… When the feather earrings came along I was seriously planning a covert mission to destroy all the birds in the world as to minimize the amount of people walking around with peacocks on their ears. Gah. I usually like something before a trend starts or after it’s dead.

Cerca 2008 right before the ombré scene got big again I insisted on adding ombré tees into the Whitley Kros line when I was designing for them(blue version below in a very subtle ombré- why does that model look so pissed?) as I was obsessed with the look… and in turn they ended up being one of the few lines to bring it back after the 2004 ombré denim crisis hit. Ha.

Last year the cool thing to do was have ombré hair, and while some people happen to pull this look off like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson, & that chick from Fashiontoast I just wasn’t about it because everyone was doing it. Now that the trend is dying out I find myself obsessed with ombré once more and I am dying to add platinum to the very ends of my now super long strawberry red tresses. I’m also thinking an ombré piece for fashion week as well… Hmmm what do we think yay or nay? Either way I’m dying for ombré sauce.


2 thoughts on “Ombré sauce.”

  1. I know what you mean! I’m not one to follow trends either but certain ones that I come across that have already passed, I end up loving. Like studding everything, etc. Ombre can be tasteful but at the same time can be overdone or boring. I really like the ombre jean shorts that are bleached and then go off into blue hues. You should definitely do something ombre to your tresses, I imagine it would look really nice.

  2. Ahh same! I tend to like things way before/after people like them. Really love the ombre hair and sweaters. You should try some ombre jeans! 🙂

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