My favorite fashion moments from 2011!

I'm wearing a casual layered looking dress that I designed for a knit wear company here in LA with tights and boots.
In an ONIKAI dress, during a commercial shoot I was featured in for Brother Printers. The second photo is a full shot of the same dress on a model.
My fav Vegas trip of the year. I'm wearing an Urban knit off-the-shoulder nautical tee, gold anchor necklace, black American Apparel mini skirt, lace tights and red pumps. The girls are both wearing gold metallic dresses. ❤
My birthday: black bustier slip dress with chiffon skirt overlay that I made and the most amazing floral satin pumps a gal could only dream of.
My bridesmaid dress was custom made in a light peach color in a crinkle taffeta. This was the end of the day and I was falling asleep lol
VBPR's Launch Party. I had on a fuchsia chiffon layered dress from H&M, wish I had a full body shot (lol) to show you.
The Kranwinkles LOL. Wearing a Whitley Kros dress (I used to design for them) that I cropped short and added a halter strap to.
This is the original dress before I shortened it and added a halter.
We accidently all matched lol I’m wearing a reddish acid wash denim jumpsuit with a back slit (unknown fit sample), black leather jacket, black wool stockings and black boots.
In a 2012 ONIKAI dress that will be featured in the look book film.
Halloween. Naughty Jessica Rabitt behavior. Missing a glove.
One of MANY silly Halloween photo booth photos lol I'm wearing a Jessica Rabbit costume that I made from scratch.
Canadian Thanksgiving. In a Fire dress with wool tights and satin booties. Love how the wide lens camera makes my head look huge ha-ha.
WENDEL Christmas party. Sharon and I with the Christianrich brothers. I'm wearing a BCBG fit sample(red satin halter dress with pleated skirt) from back in the day when I designed for BCBG.

I used to have conversations quite often with someone who was significant in my life at one point, about becoming the kind of woman that I want to be forever. In 2011 I can say with all certainty that I have become the woman I have always wanted to be; this has been the most challenging year of my life thus far for several reasons and I feel like I came out the other end a more gracious, mature, caring, and focused woman. I hope in 2012 to broaden upon those qualities and expand my focus and good energy on those I love around me and into my line ONIKAI. It’s almost 2012 in ONIKAI land… (and the rest of the world lol) thought I would share some of my favorite fashion moments from 2011! One favorite fashion moment for every month in the year… of course I am missing some of my favs but they either weren’t caught on camera or I can’t find the photo… so I hope these suffice! Wishing all of you love, luck, happiness and success in 2012!

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