Behind the Scenes: ONIKAI 2012 Look Book Film shoot DAY 1.

shooting one of my scenes. playing the antagonist in the film.
part of the story board.
my model/actress Angela. we love her.
Nic touching up Angela's makeup.
The director Karl... being Karl.
part of the ONIKAI team. left to right: Raena, Cree & Moloko.
close up.
packing up one of the shoot locations.
Sir. Elliott cracking me up on set.
just wait...

My 2nd day in a row waking up at 5am… luckily I had an amazing team and lots of support behind me.  Not a morning person. (lol)  I can honestly say I am so lucky to be working with WENDEL on this project; this look book film is really going to be something that I think is iconic and timeless.  I put a lot of thought into the script and can not wait to share it.  I’m not really showing many photos of the model or clothing because I want it to be a surprise, plus the line is not out until next year… the film will premiere for LA fashion week in March 2012!  We have one more day of shooting in Jan. and then we are done! CAN NOT WAIT!


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