My favorite fashion moments from 2011!

I'm wearing a casual layered looking dress that I designed for a knit wear company here in LA with tights and boots.
In an ONIKAI dress, during a commercial shoot I was featured in for Brother Printers. The second photo is a full shot of the same dress on a model.
My fav Vegas trip of the year. I'm wearing an Urban knit off-the-shoulder nautical tee, gold anchor necklace, black American Apparel mini skirt, lace tights and red pumps. The girls are both wearing gold metallic dresses. ❤
My birthday: black bustier slip dress with chiffon skirt overlay that I made and the most amazing floral satin pumps a gal could only dream of.
My bridesmaid dress was custom made in a light peach color in a crinkle taffeta. This was the end of the day and I was falling asleep lol
VBPR's Launch Party. I had on a fuchsia chiffon layered dress from H&M, wish I had a full body shot (lol) to show you.
The Kranwinkles LOL. Wearing a Whitley Kros dress (I used to design for them) that I cropped short and added a halter strap to.
This is the original dress before I shortened it and added a halter.
We accidently all matched lol I’m wearing a reddish acid wash denim jumpsuit with a back slit (unknown fit sample), black leather jacket, black wool stockings and black boots.
In a 2012 ONIKAI dress that will be featured in the look book film.
Halloween. Naughty Jessica Rabitt behavior. Missing a glove.
One of MANY silly Halloween photo booth photos lol I'm wearing a Jessica Rabbit costume that I made from scratch.
Canadian Thanksgiving. In a Fire dress with wool tights and satin booties. Love how the wide lens camera makes my head look huge ha-ha.
WENDEL Christmas party. Sharon and I with the Christianrich brothers. I'm wearing a BCBG fit sample(red satin halter dress with pleated skirt) from back in the day when I designed for BCBG.

I used to have conversations quite often with someone who was significant in my life at one point, about becoming the kind of woman that I want to be forever. In 2011 I can say with all certainty that I have become the woman I have always wanted to be; this has been the most challenging year of my life thus far for several reasons and I feel like I came out the other end a more gracious, mature, caring, and focused woman. I hope in 2012 to broaden upon those qualities and expand my focus and good energy on those I love around me and into my line ONIKAI. It’s almost 2012 in ONIKAI land… (and the rest of the world lol) thought I would share some of my favorite fashion moments from 2011! One favorite fashion moment for every month in the year… of course I am missing some of my favs but they either weren’t caught on camera or I can’t find the photo… so I hope these suffice! Wishing all of you love, luck, happiness and success in 2012!

Behind the Scenes: ONIKAI 2012 Look Book Film shoot DAY 1.

shooting one of my scenes. playing the antagonist in the film.
part of the story board.
my model/actress Angela. we love her.
Nic touching up Angela's makeup.
The director Karl... being Karl.
part of the ONIKAI team. left to right: Raena, Cree & Moloko.
close up.
packing up one of the shoot locations.
Sir. Elliott cracking me up on set.
just wait...

My 2nd day in a row waking up at 5am… luckily I had an amazing team and lots of support behind me.  Not a morning person. (lol)  I can honestly say I am so lucky to be working with WENDEL on this project; this look book film is really going to be something that I think is iconic and timeless.  I put a lot of thought into the script and can not wait to share it.  I’m not really showing many photos of the model or clothing because I want it to be a surprise, plus the line is not out until next year… the film will premiere for LA fashion week in March 2012!  We have one more day of shooting in Jan. and then we are done! CAN NOT WAIT!


Behind the Scenes: ONIKAI makes costumes for Christianrich!

at the ballet studio watching the dancers practice. fitting the skirts before sewing.
blurry photo. messing around at the ballet studio.
scissors & chiffon.
finished costumes.

Last week ONIKAI was asked to make the ballerina costumes for a music video!  This isn’t the norm of what I do because I don’t usually have the time but I love doing things like this!  It was a rushed project but that was all part of the excitement; I was squeezing it in between another project and my look book film shoot… BUT I am so glad I did it because the final outcome was amazing.  Wait until you see this CHRISTIANRICH music video, it’s epic!  Being release in 2012. More updates to come. xo ONIKAI.

Chanel goes to India.


























While so many designers corp. and independent alike are quick to travel to the places that their collections are inspired, Karl Lagerfeld had no desire to go to India. He feels “It’s much more inspiring not to go to places than to go.” This sounds a little odd, but it makes complete sense because it allows your imagination to travel to the right and the wrong corners of a destination with out being so literal. Let me start off by saying that I love this collection; I think it’s new, I think it’s refreshing and I think it’s outside of the normal Chanel box. You will still find the traditional Chanel tweeds, white accents in leather, wool, and silk, the Signature Chanel black toe shoe, and clean makeup with the smokey eye… Keeping true to the flavor of Chanel, but the accents are amped and twisted and taken to a far away dream land with hints and flavors of India. The Chanel smokey eye is more of a thick charcoal for obvious reasons, and the white accents are adorned as dhoti’s but worn over high leather boots and white leather pants. LOVE. There is a plethora of jewels and head pieces that really pull the collection together and give it a urethral and royal vibe that screams Indian princess. The thing that I admired most about this collection is that for Chanel it was almost under designed; a lot of the pieces flourish in rich silk fabrications but the detail is in silhouette not beading or lavish construction. This leaves room for more interpretation, however a bit of French royal did managed to poke it’s way through. [see mustard and pink ensemble] But who can blame Karl? This is Chanel after all.