When pj’s are smuggled into the office, a designer & her leather boots.

Restricted Women's Flirt Knee-High Boot, & soft leather tie belt.

NO I did not really wear my pj’s to work.  Truthfully I don’t even own a real pair of pj’s, or anything pj related that is web appropriate.  But when forced with the decision in the morning, to brush my hair or not brush my hair post sleeping through my second “I’m late” alarm clock it’s time to make some quick and hasty fashion decisions.  “Will this look good when I’m scowling at my intern?” Or “will this clash with the fall boots I just purchased regardless of the fact that it is indeed NOT fall yet”  [I live in CA]   This morning I asked my self which outfit closest to me will feel like pajamas?  As I was up WAY too late… working.  Surprise surprise.  WIN* I quickly grabbed my Material Girl leopard jumpsuit which I got at a sample sale for $3 (it fits like an XL pair of McHammer’s pants), flung on my new fall boots, and grabbed my oh so worn Whitley Kros light knit cardi in beige, throwing a matching belt into my Louis Vuitton which I some how assembled in Starbucks.  Then I was asked by a friendly barista  if I needed help… … getting dressed? Just coffee please, thanks.  Surprisingly, this became one of my favorite not planned, half asleep, semi irritated outfits of the year. JOY.  And NO… I still have not brushed my hair today… obviously.   xo

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