Vera Wang’s THREE wedding dresses for Kim Krazy Kardashian. Que?

I am in love with looking at sketches from other designers, and when I saw the wedding dress sketches of Vera Wang’s custom couture for Miss. K I swooned.  Although I can hardly understand why any normal person would need three wedding dresses, I can still appreciate the amazing fashion involved.  The classic sweetheart bodice princess gown with tulle skirt is my favorite. ❤

Give me this, give me this right now! Clutch on a clear day….

Charlotte Olympia, Pandora Clutch $657

I have never before wanted something so ridiculously expensive and seemingly overpriced before but I am in love with this!  Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora Clutch for a reasonable $657 (ha) is making me drool over my late afternoon iced coffee. What appears to be a glass case of safe keeping of some sort is really a see through clutch with a top brass closure.  The clutch is adorned with 3 different colored fabric pouches so that you can change it up with different outfits! LOVE> personally I’d probably wear it see through on most occasions, although people might laugh at the abundance on lip gloss… oh well. *sigh.  MUST HAVE.

p.s I wonder if they realize that they are using the same brass spider web decoy that Mojo Moxy uses? hmmm I smell a law suit! kidding. sort of.