On a designer’s bday…

The Original Free People Chiffon Dress.
Mojo Moxy Satin Floral Pump with Rhinestone Applique.

On a designer’s bday…   Every year for my birthday I have a tradition where I order a new pair of shoes… this year they had to be ordered two months in advance because I was traveling.  When I returned to Los Hang-eles I didn’t like the outfit I had originally picked out and as we all know this is a travesty in a designer’s eyes.  I ended up wearing a black bustier slip dress and cutting up a free people chiffon dress that I had hanging in my closet for almost a year turning it into a skirt that I wore over the slip. A lot of people thought that it was one whole dress (which is fine by me).  My shoes were a Mojo Moxy, Satin Floral Pump with Rhinestone Applique in a limited edition pink color.  I wore no jewelry except for a knuckle ring with 3 stars adorned on top, and a vintage black clutch that was literally ripping at the seams and perfect.  Yes I am shoe obsessed, but even more importantly the new bday shoes represent a new year and walking in no one else’s shoes except mine… and this year is going to be fancy. 😉 Cheers! 

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