On a designer’s bday…

The Original Free People Chiffon Dress.
Mojo Moxy Satin Floral Pump with Rhinestone Applique.

On a designer’s bday…   Every year for my birthday I have a tradition where I order a new pair of shoes… this year they had to be ordered two months in advance because I was traveling.  When I returned to Los Hang-eles I didn’t like the outfit I had originally picked out and as we all know this is a travesty in a designer’s eyes.  I ended up wearing a black bustier slip dress and cutting up a free people chiffon dress that I had hanging in my closet for almost a year turning it into a skirt that I wore over the slip. A lot of people thought that it was one whole dress (which is fine by me).  My shoes were a Mojo Moxy, Satin Floral Pump with Rhinestone Applique in a limited edition pink color.  I wore no jewelry except for a knuckle ring with 3 stars adorned on top, and a vintage black clutch that was literally ripping at the seams and perfect.  Yes I am shoe obsessed, but even more importantly the new bday shoes represent a new year and walking in no one else’s shoes except mine… and this year is going to be fancy. 😉 Cheers! 

I wish I was a man just so I could wear RADII shoes…

If only I was a  man… then I could burp freely and buy RADII shoes.  Yes all of the amazing detail, leather top stitching and just complete awesomeness can not be seen via web, however RADII is giving Emerica, Supra, and the new Lacoste and Steve Madden for men shoe lines all a run for their money.  Supra? Supra who? PRIVE is having a 48 hr. 50% off sale starting today… so GO!

I might be obsessed with…

Bottega Veneta gown
Elie Saab Haute Couture
Oscar de la Renta gown
Jennifer Meyer earrings

 I think I might be obsessed with Emma Watson… her style that is.  Seen above in some recent looks from her Harry Potter tour she is obviously an easy A+.  Does she have a stylist? Of course! But I don’t care, if I was a starlet this is exactly how I would dress… fresh, unexpected, polished and full of color.