A shoe by any other name is still SHOE.

I have some designer friends that post weekly inspiration photos, some that take photos of what they are wearing or make a relevant and classic cell phone “mirror” shots.  I think “all of the above” are absolutely favorable and adorable, but I never have the time to pose in front of a timed camera…  Today I was flipping through my Blackberry photos and I realized that I take photos of my feet ALL the time. Normal? Probably not? Charming? Eh, hopefully lol. But I think it’s more of an ode to my obsession with shoes. 

Too see some shoes that are on my “next to purchase” list go to the next page.


Boutique 9 Tracee Open Toe Booties, $180

Boutique 9 Commons Suede Lace Up Sandals, $160



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