VBPR Launch Party!

VB of VBPR herself, my friend/rep Sharon, and me!
Live Photoshoot shot by (www.andrewquesada.com)

Yes, there are always shennanigans. My lovely assistant Raena on the right. (we see you in the background Shawn lol)

 This past Thursday night ONIKAI celebrated the “official” Launch Party of our PR Team VBPR.  In attendance were Victoria Berry and Jen of VBPR(my representation), some of the wearewendel film crew, DTLA sales reps, other designers, friends, djs, rappers and fashion lovers alike.  The event showcased a live photo shoot shot by (www.andrewquesada.com) who is also a client of VBPR, as well as a wall projection of works from all different clients including ONIKAI.  We had a blast! and are happy to celebrate the success of our fellow hustler’s over at VBPR.  Much success in 2011 and even more to come in 2012.  ❤

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