A day in life of Blair Waldorf…

On recent episodes of Gossip Girl the infamous Blair Waldorf is dating a prince (although I watch seemingly for the fashion only I still keep up with the going-ons) Take a look of some of the AMAZING looks above.  In black, Alexis Mabille’s Fall Couture Petal Embroidery 2010 Dress and in champagne Jenny Packham’s Spring 2011 RTW Sequin Chiffon Dress. While we all don’t have 5k to blow on such frocking beauties we can still admire none the less. 

Raphael Saadiq fashion & music unite.

Ever since I went to my first Rapahel Saadiq concert last year I have been obsessed.  Today I got a link via a friend on Twitter to listen to his new album in ENTIRETY! (the album release date is not for another 8 days) Oh what a happy fashionista am I.  One of the other reason’s I love R.S> beyond his amazing music is the effortless and amazing fashion, let’s admit it most men can not pull off a silk tangerine suit but some how he makes it looks good.  Above is an ode to R.S> a photo from his new album, the glasses he adorns always, and a photo from the concert I attended last year. To listen to the new album “Stone Rollin” CLICK HERE

I know I will be listening to it on repeat all day 😉