I wish I was British just so I could wear a crazy hat…

Some of the amazing hats at the Royal wedding… Don’t you just love the British? I’m going to go buy a scone and sip some tea in celebration.


Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Dress was a smashing success.

Well really… what did you expect? It is after all the modern day fairy tale of our time; we knew she wouldn’t be coming out in something from David’s Bridal.  I have to say that when I first saw this dress on t.v. I wasn’t shocked or amazed, it did look very Grace Kelly, pretty much what I expected.  However, when you get a look at the up close detail you realize just how special this dress is with all of the emasculate lace detailing, fitted sleeves, and sweetheart bodice that fits like a glove. Good job Kate, you make a lovely bride. ❤

JAM loves his ONIKAI Tee.

ATL artist and
friend of ONIKAI, “JAM” wears his
favorite ONIKAI
“Obama Hopes”
Tee in his most recent photo shoot. He sent this snap shot our way as a thank you and we love it!

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Grace Coddington’s 70th Vogue Bday Bash.

If you are a fashion docu fan as am I (Seamless, Valentino the last empire, The Sept. Issue etc… ) then you already know and love Grace Coddington, Vogue’s senior fashion director and The September Issue’s obvious protagonist, stylist to the stars and loveable creative. (opposite the cold and yet ever fabulous Anna Wintour) This amazing woman had her 70th! birthday bash, and yes everyone but you, me and my assistant were there. Yes everyone. (that lives in NYC anyway) We wish her a very happy birthday, and may we please have a piece of her cat cake? ❤


Khloe Kardashian’s Kloset.

Khloe Kardashian’s Kloset… yes. Is this completely extreme and exaggerated… yes.  Am I jealous… totally! Do I think any woman needs 45 pairs of black Christian Louboutin’s… certainly not. Do I still want her closet… of course. Be amazed. 


Fendi Fab meets Old Man by the Sea.

Fendi’s new ad campaign is a little Spain meets Frida meets Old man by the Sea.  This is one of their best ad campaigns to date. What I love so much about this campaign are the small details such as the pale green nail polish, the bright orange strap on the pump, the background details that match the bright blue in the handbag. LOVE.


The best bra ever…

Soma Front Closure Vanishing Back BraBack View

Some girls wear bras because they have to and others wear bras because they are pretty, lacy and delicate. Unfortunately I have been blessed in bosom area and I have to wear a good bra.  Recently I was gifted a Soma front closure vanishing back bra, and I can honestly say it is the best bra ever! (and I have tried a lot) It removes seemingly all of those unflattering “back bulges” that woman get from their bra, and closes in the front so there are no weird lines when you wear a fitted tee shirt. The cups are not padded but hold and provide excellent support. If you need a good bra, or are buying one for your girlfriend THIS is the perfect gift. Definitely trumps Victoria’s Secret.

To purchase: CLICK HERE