The Sartorialist.

Last week I went to lunch with some designer friends of mine from back in my BCBG days… we were discussing that all fashion designers have a love/hate relationship with certain blogs.  Some times I read a blog and think… “do I really care that you wore this outfit today”(for the 13th time in a row) or “man I’ve read about this same event on like 10 other blogs…” HOWEVER, there are certain blogs that a designer lives and dies for… they inspire us, keep us going and cheer us up when we’ve had a bad day.  THE all time favorite of most designers that I know is The Sartorialist (  Check out this Intel Visual Life video about The Sartorialist it’s so interesting… they should consider turning it into a September Issue length movie. I’d watch it!

Enjoy… xoxo ONI*

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