ONIKAI Commercial shoot with WENDEL!!

ONIKAI had the pleasure of working with WENDEL (www.wearewendel.com) for a commercial shoot interviewing the CEO/Designer of ONIKAI, Oni Auer (www.onikai.com) as a small business owner showcase. The commercial will be going viral soon, and may even be on tv promoting new items for “Brother” the popular printer/scanner/copier products mostly utilized by the creative… who let’s admit it use their printers to death.  The shoot was SO much fun! and WENDEL was a pleasure to work with.  We will be posting the commercial when it is released!! SUCCESS IN 2011!

Hi my name is Oni, and I know sh** about website design.

I some how convinced myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it… yes break out the apple juice I am finally taking advice from my 4th grade school teacher. LOL I already do all of the graphics on my site, but I decided that I wanted to be able to do all of my updates on my own as well… At least until I become MAJOR status. Ha-ha!  It’s faster and way more convenient to be able to update on my own.  I had my first small lesson this week, and while we spent more time laughing than actually working, it was cool learning something new.  The experience reminded me that YES, you can do anything, and while learning web design stuff may be small it’s a life lesson that is always appreciated and should always be applied.  Everyone needs a reminder right? You can do anything, don’t give up.        xx

Check it out, more updates coming next week: www.onikai.com

The Sartorialist.

Last week I went to lunch with some designer friends of mine from back in my BCBG days… we were discussing that all fashion designers have a love/hate relationship with certain blogs.  Some times I read a blog and think… “do I really care that you wore this outfit today”(for the 13th time in a row) or “man I’ve read about this same event on like 10 other blogs…” HOWEVER, there are certain blogs that a designer lives and dies for… they inspire us, keep us going and cheer us up when we’ve had a bad day.  THE all time favorite of most designers that I know is The Sartorialist (http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/)  Check out this Intel Visual Life video about The Sartorialist it’s so interesting… they should consider turning it into a September Issue length movie. I’d watch it!

Enjoy… xoxo ONI*