LV how I love thee, let me catwalk the ways…

I am a big Louis Vuitton fan but I actually had mixed feelings about the SS 2011 runway line. The LV SS 2011 line adorned a back to China feel with traditional Asian robe dresses, wide shimmery belts and drop waistlines, and several 20’s meets Geisha House flapper style dresses.  While I LOVED the flapper dresses and wish I could get my hands on one for new years, I wasn’t feeling some of the robe dresses and I felt that some of the fabric looked a little heavy for the silhouettes.  I did appreciate the creative boldness of the panda and zebra covered tunics, jumpsuits and dresses… however literal it may be.  However zebra’s were very in trend in 08″ and I don’t know if I’m ready to see them all over the place again so soon.  Along with the flapper dresses there was some China silk two-woned jumpsuits and clip-spot gowns that I thought were simple, chic and absolutely lovely.  Over all I am pleased, but not ready to pee my pants or anything.  Can’t wait to see what LV decides to do for next season.

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