Behind the scenes at the ONIKAI relaunch ad campaign photo shoot!

Have you ever seen a happier pup? On the way to the shoot…

Location: Chandler Bike Path in Noho... AMAZING murals and walls. We took up an entire gated area with all of our crap. lol Grace (model) getting her hair done in the background. Me (gray tights) Trying on all of the shoes.
Pre-coffee, BRIGHT and early with the photographer and good friend of mine Dustin Wissmiller.
Just one of the many murals... each wall on the path is different. We got SO many amazing shots can not wait for edits to be done 🙂
Grace was amazing! She was telling us about her trip to Italy when she was shooting the new Ipad ad.
This is one of my favorite shots from the day, but this was just taken on my blackberry... looks even more amazing on film.
The new "independent woman" tee.(already picked up by boutiques) Both of the models took theirs home lol. (Shawn and Grace)
So cute, I wish I had a blue one LOL. Grace is wearing my new shoes, she broke them in before I did. LOVE.
SO interesting... I went to help this old man walk around all of our stuff and he started telling me that he was one of the people that originally helped paint some of the murals on the path. Aw.
On the left, my personal hair stylist, and hair stylist for the shoot Madai. (genius) On the right, my design assistant Raena. (I'm obsessed with her she's amazing LOL)
Raena secretly caught some pictures of me playing around with props. LOL This is the only pg13 one. Ha. jk. Sort of...

Now time to review over 800 photos, pick my favorites and start edits! Excited for relaunch and new website! xx

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