Designer on a voyage…

Los Angeles is beautiful of course… but starting this weekend and into Jan. I am on a personal quest of travel, design and self discovery.  I am going to start the weekend with the completion of my line relaunch photo shoot for my new ad campaign! And celebrating into next week with fancy dinners, late nights out with friends, date nights, & even some pampering.  Then I am OFF!… to Portland, OR for Thanksgiving with some much needed R&R, shopping and family time…. then begins my 2 month expedition.  Portland, Vegas, DC, New York, Vegas again, Colorado and Texas.  Some for work, lots for play, and I will be taking many inspiration photos along the way and hope to capture some new design ideas when I’m gone!  I can not wait for my Europe trip next year!  Cheers to inspiration, work and fun! I will be posting photos when I return.

Wish me luck at the shoot tomorrow. xx Designer/CEO Oni.

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