Changes to ONI!

Letter from the CEO/Designer:

This past month has been that of not only professional change and growth but personal as well.  ONI (legally noted ONIfashion) is doing just that, changing, growing and flourishing.  I have changed the name of the line to be more fitting to the direction that it is headed. ONIfashion is now known as ONIKAI (a combination of my first and middle names), ONI means:  born on holy ground, KAI has many meanings such as earth, big water, strong, unbreakable and “full of love”.

After a year in business, many fashion shows, and many custom orders I reflected upon what I really want my line to be and I realized that I have to be 110% proud and amazed by the things that I am doing.  I LOVE doing tees, but I think that tees in many ways were just a crutch for me.  Clothing lines require a lot of time, a lot of love, and a lot of money, which can be a struggle for a small business and a business owner that has a lot of other work commitments.  But as time has gone on I realized, like a relationship I have to either be in and make it amazing or quit all together.  Well… I don’t quit!!  SO ONIKAI is moving to the next level and developing  amazing cut n’ sew garments for woman. (which is where the demand has always been… woman LOVE my jumpsuits and dresses)

The new pieces are meant to be easy to throw on and go but also very fashion forward.  And true to CA lifestyle all of the garments will be in some sort of jersey, knit or stretch fabric, very easy for travel and day to day but also easy to transform into night.  I think this sort of take on fashion is translating all over the globe now, not just in CA and we will see more of this in the next few years. On Nov. 13th ONIKAI is shooting our new ad campaign, website updates are in the works, our kick ass web designer is also developing a new web store where the tees will be sold, as people still love the tees (men especially) I still want to offer those online.  More updates to come! I will post behind the scene photos from the shoot this weekend!! And hopefully the new site will be done by end of Nov.

I’m excited, I hope that you are excited… and as always thank you for the support!

xx ONI*

“ONIKAI is a cut n’ sew line for woman that is based in LA. Our goal is to make funky, one piece clothing that is easy to wear & and intriguing in silhouette.”

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