ONIKAI’s new cut n’ sew line is now at SIXHUNDRED in downtown Los Angeles!  SIXHUNDRED is a high end, stylish but not uber trendy boutique in the heart of LA, that thrives on supporting Los Angeles based designers, as well as cool handmade and one of a kind vintage garments.  The vibe of the store is chill, the staff is sweet, you will enjoy your shopping experience for sure!  You can now find the new ONIKAI jumpsuits, tops, hooded dress, and some screen tees at SIXHUNDRED 600 S Spring St.

For more info go to: http://www.sixhundredla.com/

ONIKAI is now in The Funk Parlor.

ONIKAI was just picked up by a vintage and small designer boutique in Portland, OR called the Funk Parlor. They have AMAZING vintage leather, suede and novelty jackets. I bought one for $25 that looks like a vintage Ralph Lauren. Not gonna lie, it made me almost pee my pants a little.  If you are looking for an ONIKAI tee, they can now be found at the Funk Parlor.

1603 Northeast Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211

A little bit country…

I’m pretty sure that everyone loves the Victoria’s Secret fashion show…. but this year I was really surprised by the actual craftsmanship that went into the outfits & wings, particularly the country themed outfits which featured straw, kitchen plaids and lots of lace.  Super Cute.  Going into Spring/Summer 2011 we will actually see some country themes in woman’s contemporary, but for now I am more than happy than to adorn a country girl bra and pantie set.


Emma Watson dazzles at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, in a LBD by Rafael Lopez. She is absolutly perfect, as is this Rafael Lopez number.  Not many people could pull of that dress, that haircut, or the red pin accessory that was also adorned by her costar Daniel Radcliff but she pulls off the entire ensemble glamorously.

Spirit Hoods.

I was just WAITING for some lame ass celebrity to wear one of the super cute Spirit Hoods… luckily I actually like Khloe K.  I actually met the Spirit Hood designers at Magic this year and I am UBER obsessed as everyone knows that I LOVE hoods. I put hoods on anything I can get away with for my own line LOL I really want one but they are slightly over-priced in my opinion, so I think I’m gonna go to the fabric district and pick up some faux fur for $20 and make one for myself. 🙂 cheers!

To purchase Spirit Hoods click below…

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My wish list and must haves this season…

I am going to pick up my first Louis this Thanksgiving. X-cited.
Just got these amazing Ash boots in the mail. They are puurrrfect!
The older I get the more I love jewelry, & I must have this Tiffany's King Key necklace. LUV.

This is my “holiday” wish list… soon to be in my closet.  So excited to be super fancy going into 2011.  For this season’s MUST haves go to the next page. ❤

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Behind the scenes at the ONIKAI relaunch ad campaign photo shoot!

Have you ever seen a happier pup? On the way to the shoot…

Location: Chandler Bike Path in Noho... AMAZING murals and walls. We took up an entire gated area with all of our crap. lol Grace (model) getting her hair done in the background. Me (gray tights) Trying on all of the shoes.
Pre-coffee, BRIGHT and early with the photographer and good friend of mine Dustin Wissmiller.
Just one of the many murals... each wall on the path is different. We got SO many amazing shots can not wait for edits to be done 🙂
Grace was amazing! She was telling us about her trip to Italy when she was shooting the new Ipad ad.
This is one of my favorite shots from the day, but this was just taken on my blackberry... looks even more amazing on film.
The new "independent woman" tee.(already picked up by boutiques) Both of the models took theirs home lol. (Shawn and Grace)
So cute, I wish I had a blue one LOL. Grace is wearing my new shoes, she broke them in before I did. LOVE.
SO interesting... I went to help this old man walk around all of our stuff and he started telling me that he was one of the people that originally helped paint some of the murals on the path. Aw.
On the left, my personal hair stylist, and hair stylist for the shoot Madai. (genius) On the right, my design assistant Raena. (I'm obsessed with her she's amazing LOL)
Raena secretly caught some pictures of me playing around with props. LOL This is the only pg13 one. Ha. jk. Sort of...

Now time to review over 800 photos, pick my favorites and start edits! Excited for relaunch and new website! xx

Designer on a voyage…

Los Angeles is beautiful of course… but starting this weekend and into Jan. I am on a personal quest of travel, design and self discovery.  I am going to start the weekend with the completion of my line relaunch photo shoot for my new ad campaign! And celebrating into next week with fancy dinners, late nights out with friends, date nights, & even some pampering.  Then I am OFF!… to Portland, OR for Thanksgiving with some much needed R&R, shopping and family time…. then begins my 2 month expedition.  Portland, Vegas, DC, New York, Vegas again, Colorado and Texas.  Some for work, lots for play, and I will be taking many inspiration photos along the way and hope to capture some new design ideas when I’m gone!  I can not wait for my Europe trip next year!  Cheers to inspiration, work and fun! I will be posting photos when I return.

Wish me luck at the shoot tomorrow. xx Designer/CEO Oni.