The PILLA Foundation.

In honor of ONI’s one year anniversary we are doing our part to give back to the community. If you wish to donate to the PILLA Foundation please email for drop off or pick-up dates in the greater Los Angeles area.  We are now accepting new and used (dry cleaned or washed and ironed only) clothing: this includes jackets, pants, tee shirts, button ups, sweaters, bras & underwear (new and packaged only), sweatshirts, hats and scarves. School gear (new or new in appearance): backpacks, lunch bags, calculators, pencil cases, binders, and notebooks. Shoes: tennis shoes, flats, sports related (soccer, tennis etc.) heels (prom, winter formal) and dance shoes (ballet, tap etc.)

Items need to be placed in a closed and taped box that is clearly labeled with the items inside the box, and the side of the box must be labeled PILLA. Every item donated is tax deductible and you will be given a receipt.

Thanks for your support.