This is why I should have a reality tv show…

Last night was AMAZING.  The fashion show was amazing, I got really good feedback from all corners, and two offers to partake in some LA fashion week going-ons. BUT what everyone doesn’t know is the madness that goes on behind the scenes.  Fashion shows within them selves are so much work for a 15 min. show. (hair, makeup, line-up, walk-through, music, model casting, lighting etc etc etc) To make a long story short, everything possible that could have gone wrong the day of the show went wrong, and on my way to the show someone rear ended me, my friend who was following me and two other cars as well.  Then I find out that my boyfriend locked his keys in the car and the key for my clothing rack was missing.  Some how, slightly injured and two hours late I made it to my show, clothing in hands and made it all happen last min! Everything worked out just how it was supposed to, and my boyfriend called a locksmith ha-ha

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