Golden, no. Silver maybe.

Versace Gown
Carolina Herrara Gown

Christian Lacroix Gown

The celebs did good this season I have to admit… but there were a few cases where I really just wasn’t sure if I hated their dress or loved it! No hurt in giving away “second best” awards right?? LOL As seen above: Christina Aguilera’s Versace Gown fit like a glove, was very sexy, “new” and very in trend with a hint of bling; the reason I’m on the fence with this dress is due to the fact that the very tan singer with blonde hair blends into her dress and it washes her out.  All in all Christina… kudos on the boobs and the new hair-DO> next time wear black.  NEXT we have Sofia Vergara who is wearing amazing Carolina Herrara Gown, the color combo is sharp and original, the design is beautiful… my only concern is the texture of the fabric vs. the fit… it’s slightly ill-fitting, and bunches in too many areas making the dress look more complicated than it already is. Final Verdict: C+.  Last we have Diane Kruger (who ever she is HA-HA) in a BRIGHT pink Christian Lacroix Gown; now this dress is FAB, couture chic, maybe a little premature with the pink this season but bright and pretty regardless… my only problem is that it’s such an intense dress and I don’t think she had the confidence to pull it off… shame.  Now…. on to the BEST dressed….