The best purchase ever.

If one finds themself bored I would usually suggest that you go make a dress, or watch a movie… one of the many things I love to do.  However my new favorite obsession of the moment is the Chanel biography by Charles-Roux… more of an “ode to” filled with unexplainable beauty of old photos, sketches, letters and designs to drool over. Seriously provides hours and hours of entertainment.

MK & A hit your FACE!

Is there anything that these little gremlins don’t do?!? Well I guess if I had a billion dollars I would do it too! MK & A Olsen are adding eyewear to there designer label The Row, and I for one am super excited! I’ve been waiting for this for years now!  The sunglasses (one style seen above) will range from $300-400 and will come in 4 different styles, round included which is going to be a big trend next year.  I almost considered a purchase but then I realized that I buy cheap glasses for a reason… mostly because they always end up being sat on or flushed down the toilet by mistake LOL> xx

LOHAN LEGGINGS. Aren’t we over this?!?

Come on really? If I want a pair of leggings… no offense LO-HAM, I mean Lohan but I will hit American Apparel wholesale and keep it steppin. Why would I pay $150 for a pair of average looking cotton-span leggings when I could get some well made ones for $40 or I could just get scissor happy! LOL I mean seriously… we are in a recession Lohan… I think all that peroxide is affecting your brain. ❤