Pics from ONI fashion show at the El Rey Theater!

The show was a huge success! ONI was well reviewed and accepted, and the line got a chance to support a good cause! (

More to come in 2010! Get ready!


Rihanna @ the AMAs… LOVE it or LEAVE it!?!

I give Rihanna props for being so adventures in her red carpet choices… that’s what fashion is all about!! If it were up to me I would give her a triple A+ for her daring Marchesa gown. LOL But I have a feeling that you guys and dolls are a little less apt to be as generous as I am.  That’s ok.

The BRA top is BACK.

Blake Lively Marie Claire shoot
Forever21 Top $15
Urban Outfitters Bra Top

Under a Blazer, around the house or sweety layered over a high-waisted skirt… the BRA TOP IS BACK! a la 1980… who knows when lol I fully support this fashion trend and will the first to adorn my Friday night with a sequin bra top and flirty skirt. xx

Peter Som Spring 2010.

Peter Som’s 2010 Spring line was made with LOVE> he struggled to show last season, financing his line by himself.   This season his financially funded line is back on top with every detail pinned and buckled.  The Spring line is very soigné and embossed with womanly elegance and old school charm in which only an experienced and determined designer could pull off.  Bad economy or good economy can’t keep a good designer down!

Perfume a la ring.

Oh WHAT will they come up with next!?! For those of you dolls, and guys for their dolls who do not feel like spending $75 for 2 ounces of perfume here is an excellent replacement: PERFUME RINGS. Crazy right? They run from $30-40 at Sephora and when all your smell goods are gone you will be left with a beautiful ring.  I personally love the marc by marc but it doesn’t smell as good as the Michael Kors which coincidentally comes with a tiny mirror inside as well.