ONI is now in Fifty/Fifty Grind!

Home-Page_01ONI is now in our second store! Fifty/Fifty Grind is a limited edition in-the-know mostly menswear boutique in Eagle Rock that caters to the exclusive of the exclusive in urban-ish mens wear… and some womans.  They also carry DOPE custom sneakers.

Fifty/Fifty Grind
1754 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 254-5070

Penelope is orange hot!!

Penelope Cruz doing press for her new movie Broken Embrace.penleope-cruz-broken-embrace-15

I would probably love Penelope Cruz even if she had on a brown sack, she is one cute little gremlin.  I do think she did go a little overboard here with all the orange… a white tank with a necklace would have sufficed.  However… what I noticed most was her AMAZING pumps. grrrr. I like.