WHOwhatWEAR book??

whowhatwearRED NEWS ALERT: the popular blog turned site whowhatwear.com is coming out with a BOOK that supposedly has been in the works for a while now. one word: LAME. I got excited when the NYLON trend book came out, and even that was slightly disappointing.  Do we really think a website that has become more and more disappointing over the past couple years is going to produce a well versed and interesting fashion frock a la book? NO. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I just might wait until it’s on the sale shelf. teehee.


xx Oni*


ACRIA’s COCKTAILS AT SUNSET hosted by Steven Klein.


Aids-foundation ACRIA teamed up with Steven Klein, and debuted the new Calvin Klein Collection this past weekend in the Hamptons. SJP was seen with her adorable husband looking stylish as always and grinned away as CK models bared almost all in the background by the pool. (sans pool girl)

One of my favs was Delfina Frers(who has on adorbale Kensie pumps… which I actually own and they are very comfy) and Delfina Blaquier: they look like they just woke up and put there fabulous on, not taking a min to think about it.  One of my NOT so favs was Rachel Zoe… or as we like to call her “I almost D-I-E [d]” can she please stop making dresses or tunics or whatever out of her mothers old curtains? Yes Zoe I get it… you want to look as skinny mini as possible… hulo you’re a size 0! Go put on a mini-skirt and zip it! Anyway… enough of making fun of the Zoe; the event was fabulous, the food was divine, and the models where hot. (or cold depending on how you look at it)