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ONI the clothing line launches July 1st 2009!  ONIspecialnews is a community based page that keeps YOU updated with new news, events, shows, items etc based around ONI!  WELOME! and thank you for the support!



“The September Issue”

Holy SH*T I’m going to pee my non pants right now!  We thought the Valentino movie was good! Wait till “The September Issue” comes out!?! I CAN NOT wait to see Anna Wintour bitch slapping people’s fashion all around NYC.  This is better than sex. 

GO BUY YUR TICKETS NOW! Releases: August 28th, 2009


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Alexander I <3 you.


Alexander McQueen does it again… he is the QUEEN of fashion. THIS is what its all about.  As McQueen debuts his Spring/Summer 2010 line prepare to be impressed, confused, and maybe even a little turned on.  This S/S line is a true collaboration of art, heart, and clothing.  LOVE.

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As most designers know, sometimes you need INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION. My new go to song for this week is Paranoid by Kanye West.  The video is fantastic, Rihanna does a convincing job, and I love her bustier. I put this song on repeat for about an hour and then I switch to “Take off the Blues” by Foreign Exchange.  4 out of 5 stars! LOVE IT!



08m17mI LUV how Stella McCartney does casual. Check out these little gremlins at a green party the designer hosted last week.