ONI coming soon!


www.onifashion.com is coming soon!!We are launching end of summer… and guess what? We are going to have an online store as well!

The goal of our brand is to bring all of the tee shirt wearers, designers, fashion lovers, disc jockeys, artists, musicians, and eclectic dream makers together, by creating tee shirts that carry a message of community, change, and art.  Who knew that with a head of ideas, and a set of markers dreams could be made?!?!  

Show us your support!! Add us on Face book and myspace!

fb group: ONI OR http://www.myspace.com/oni_fashion  

We have to sell shirts to make shirts!!  So help us out… and make our dream of creating a community based clothing line a reality that will live on forever.

xx onifashion.              

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“B” by Aperire.


B” by Aperire, the hugely popular japanese shoe and accessory line is now coming the the US!  I went to the store opening launch party on Melrose and was vastly amused by their new “Amazones” collection.  These brightly colorful and comfortable shoes can only be described as awesome space boots, that pair neatly with orgami silver clutches, and soft leather bags. 

Check it out! http://www.aperirejapan.com