JUST what we all need… a tweed helmet lined with red leather, and adorned with a cute ipod carry on pocket designed by: KARL LAGERFELD.  Who really cares what this helmet is for… or of we really need one.  Fashion is not about what we need, it’s about what we want… and right now I wish i was walking down the streets a la heels and floral dress with THIS tweed helmet. Don’t be jealous, Karl wouldn’t have it.  

Trend ALERT!?! Velvet.

Mary Kate In Velvet

Seen here at a Chanel event, Mary Kate Olsen (gremlin one) is fashionably ahead of the trend as she trucks down the street in a streaming colored velvet jacket that is surprisingly lined with leather.  (See trend report Leather, pleather, what-ever below)  Look out for this velvet trend as we head closer and closer to fall 2009.