Chloe’ Pre-Fall 2009


























Oh Chloe’ my love where have you been>? Chloe’ has always been on of my favorite collections, even as some what of a baby in the design world.  This pre-season Chloe’ finds herself running to the office for a quick meeting, down the street for a soy latte’ and into a photo shoot sporting casual clad contoured waists and interesting jackets.  Following the ever suit-able trend of tweeds and surprisingly caring the purple/grey trend farther than the eye can see Chloe’ is hitting the spot just right in an easy breezy manner. Chloe' Pre-Fall 2009Chloe' Pre-Fall 2009Chloe' Pre-Fall 200907m1Chloe' Pre-Fall 2009Chloe' Pre-Fall 2009

One thought on “Chloe’ Pre-Fall 2009”

  1. chloe looks great. they really stepped it back up.. where as i feel like they left a lot to be desired in the previous seasons.

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