Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2009

Who does Fall better than Oscar de la Renta>? No one!  So it’s easy to assume that a Fall preview will be an absolutely distracting and glorious thing isn’t it>?











Oh if we could all be women in the  wonderful world of Oscar.  Don’t you just want to jump through the page and throw on your choo-choo train cap, textured wool skirt, and knee high’s>? Well I do!  Time to hit my sewing machine!  This year the girls of Oscar de la Renta are walking the runway with nothing less then chic layers, belted coats, and oodles of trendy and luxurious fabrics such as the black satin water finished fabric that you see in the upper left corner.  Oscar de la Renta is keeping it easy and elegant, with throw on wide leg charmeuse trousers, and comfy knit dresses, pulling it all together with a tweed blazer, or soft leather jacket.
































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