My skirt in the Dec. issue of Seventeen Magazine! <3


Sequins anyone? xo poni*


Probably my favorite purchase ever.

969276_10202517226473286_68472692_nVintage Louis Vuitton bag.ย  Marvel at the genius.


Just another day in the bebe corp. offices…



Hunger Games Star in my clothes!

1391962_10202368608997942_828920619_nActor Stephanie Leigh Schlund(starring in the new Hunger Games movie) wearing my denim jumpsuit in a shoot for Beauty Entertainment Mag! #letsdoitbig in #2014 #designer


My DENIM LAUNCH for 2b by bebe!!

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Diary post of a designer.

600743_10201304451634673_2009851269_n.jpgDear Blogary…

It’s been a LONG, long time. I’ve been busy.

Being a fashion designer is like taking a breathe, a long single ever lasting breathe each day and filling it will everything that you need to exist. Not just air, but everything that you can dream, everything that you can create… and do create. The problem is that in order to exist in this world as a designer you have to create outside of the lines to be fulfilled and inside the lines to create a name, to pay your bills, and to build a resume. The outside and the inside fight one another.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about ONIKAI lately, what am I doing, what are my next projects, when am I showing for fashion week, where’s my line etc. Designing in the corprate world takes more than 100% effort, because when you fight to be good, you push to win, and in turn ONIKAI has been put on pause. Not a stop or a slow diving non existence LOL but just a pause. You have to climb to the top before you can sky dive and I have things I need to accomplish before I find THE way that I want to approach ONIKAI. However, I am still selling tees, doing custom design and many other things on the side, remaining the creative designer that I will always be. Just wanted to keep everyone updated. Thank you for the continued support & love, keep a look out for more updates. Things are moving and changing, and sooner than later they will be shaking. XOXO Poni*